What A Great Summer

What a great summer

What a great summer we’re having here at When Pigs Dog Training.  We’re busy working on the new website and filming for our DVD.  Having a great time working with “Pigs Fly Dogs” and making new friends.  We will be finishing up our filming by the end of fall and then its off to post editing.  The DVD should be available early next year.  Keep an eye here for updates and sample clips.  If you prefer, you can have us send  updates and clips to you automatically just click this link and we will keep you in the loop.

Keep an eye out for some up coming “Piggy Pointer” videos – practical tips for every day living with your dog.

Until then here’s to all the Pigs Fly Dogs…..

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4 Responses to What A Great Summer

  1. Nancy Anderson says:

    Thank you, thank you. I just took my whippet to his first AKC trial and we started our run – he held his start line, sailed over the first three jumps and then ran out of the ring! I have been working with my Pig’s Fly dog for years – I love him to pieces, but get discouraged – but I’ll never give up. I came across this viedo at exactly the right time to remind me that the reason I have him is for the joy he brings to my life and that when he is on – it is a beautiful sight to watch him run. He is 5 and I didn’t even try to trial him until this summer. First run is always a “zoomies” 2nd run is for us. He has had only 1 qualifying run in 6 events, but he is my boy, and I’ll run him as long as I think he’s having fun.

  2. Gina says:

    Jane, I love your website and blog. My heart went out to Mark on the Don’t Get Discouraged video, but what a remarkable payoff! I was cheering for Nora (via my laptop’s screen) as she zipped through the tunnels and stayed focussed on Mark!

    Can’t wait for your DVD.

  3. Daniele says:

    very very nice blog!

  4. karen mcnamara says:

    Like the new blog and looking forward to the video.

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