The When Pigs Fly Website is Officially Up!

The When Pigs Fly website is officially up!

Please visit us and let us know what you think!  We will be adding great video footage soon, so check back often or, better yet, become a Pigs Fly Follower!

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4 Responses to The When Pigs Fly Website is Officially Up!

  1. Jane Killion says:

    Trish, thanks so much – great comment. In fact, it inspired me to write a new blog entry. Check it out!


  2. Tricia Dunlop says:

    What a great website and blog. I do not have a ‘pigs fly dog’. I do agility with Border Collies, who are also capable of presenting their own challenges 🙂 I also instruct both agility and obedience where I am working with helping others with their ‘pfd’. I have always read you articles in Clean Run with great interest and always find something that helps me to help someone else. I really like your take on the science of dog training and agree totally that the ‘positive reinforcement’ tag can be divisive. Your thoughts on negative reinforcement have certainly got me rethinking this one. I changed my methods and started training my youngest dog 2 yrs ago using free shaping and have been amazed at the difference. I will never train any other way again. Look forward to more articles and getting your DVD.

  3. Jane Killion says:

    Kaz, thanks for the thumbs up! Checked out your website and read about your books – fantastic!

  4. We have two wonderful and wilful mini bull terriers and your book! Love all three. Beautiful blog. I’ve just added it to my reader and I look forward to your valuable advice.

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